LibCal will email you a confirmation of your booking. PLEASE KEEP that email as proof of your reservation. The confirmation email also provides a link to cancel the reservation anytime if needed.

Single Rooms are available for reservation only on weekdays Mon-Fri. They are first-come, first-serve on weekends. Reservations cannot be made more than two weeks in advance as a limit to help all students share the rooms equitably.

PLEASE NOTE: 2406 Rooms in Study Zone can only be accessed by users with an Anschutz campus ID badge. If you do not have an Anschutz ID badge, please do not book Rooms 2406-D,-L, -U, -V, -W, or -X.

Users are expected to be aware of the policy and abide by it. Questions about the policy? Please ask us at our service desk on the 1st floor of the library, or contact us at 303-724-2152 and

Use the drop-down menu below to toggle between types of rooms! Book It offers group study rooms